My name is Tudor Girba

My name is Tudor Girba. Actually, it’s Gîrba. People call me Doru. I am a Romanian living in Switzerland. I attained my PhD in 2005 from the University of Berne. In 2014 I received the Dahl-Nygaard Junior Award for my work on modeling and visualization of evolution and interplay of large numbers of objects. I currently work as Team and Innovation Lead at CompuGroup Medical Schweiz, and as software assessment consultant through

I blog

  • teaser website
    2 December 20136:30:35 am by Tudor Girba
    How do you find innovation? How do you build it? And how do you bring it to fruition? I have long been concerned with this topic, and I promote a simple approach called demo-driven innovation. Its ma...
  • Moose 4.9
    2 November 20132:22:42 pm by Tudor Girba
    Version 4.9 of the Moose Suite is now available: Description This is a minor release still based on Pharo 2.0. The differences from Moose 4.8 are: * The Mondr...
  • Humane assessment primer course (September 27, Bern)
    23 September 20137:52:05 am by Tudor Girba
    On September 27 I will give a public Humane assessment primer course in Bern (more specifically at Schutzenmattstr 14). The one-day course covers the essence of the humane assessment method through r...

I develop the humane assessment method, and the demo driven innovation method, and I currently help companies to manage large systems and data sets.

I build

I build projects. Among others, I lead the work on the Moose platform for software and data analysis since 2003.

I simply love teaching and presenting.

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