My name is Tudor Girba

My name is Tudor Gîrba. I build tools and techniques for improving the productivity and happiness of software teams. I currently act as software environmentalist at feenk gmbh, a coaching and consulting company I co-founded.

In 2014 I received the Dahl-Nygaard Junior Award for my work on modeling and visualization of evolution and interplay of large numbers of objects.

I blog

  • Software environmentalism at CodeMotion Amsterdam 2016
    10 October 20167:52:31 am by Tudor Girba
    In May, I gave a talk about software environmentalism at CodeMotion Amsterdam. This was the first time I talked about this topic to an industry audience. The talk is now available.
  • Lam Research evaluates Pharo
    25 August 201610:57:53 am by Tudor Girba
    We are very happy to make the following announcement: Lam Research, a leading supplier of wafer fabrication equipment and services to the global semiconductor industry, is an experienced user of the ...
  • Talk about the Glamorous Toolkit at ESUG 2016
    20 August 20166:49:22 pm by Tudor Girba
    On Monday, August 22, I will give a talk about the Glamorous Toolkit at ESUG 2016. The Glamorous Toolkit project aims to reinvent the IDE. Over the last two years the Glamorous Toolkit team has produ...
  • Steering agile architecture course at Workshop Tage, Rapperswil on September 13
    17 August 20169:44:48 am by Tudor Girba
    On September 13, I will give a 1-day course on Steering Agile Architecture. The course will be held at the Workshop Tage event organized by /ch/open.
  • Moose 6.0
    15 August 20162:14:48 pm by Tudor Girba
    We are happy to announce version 6.0 of the Moose Suite, the platform for software and data analysis built in Pharo: Moose-6-0.png Description The key highlight...

I build

I build projects. I lead the work on the Moose platform for software and data analysis, I initiated the work on the Glamorous Toolkit project for reinventing the software development environment, and I am a board member of the Pharo programming language and environment.

I also authored the humane assessment method for making software engineering decisions, and the demo-driven approach to embedding design thinking in software development.

I simply love teaching and presenting.

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