Humane assessment primer public course in Bern on January 25

I am happy to announce that on January 25 I will give a public Humane assessment primer course in Bern.

The course covers the essence of the humane assessment method:

  • why software assessment is economically important,
  • why adopting it explicitly in-house is the only viable solution,
  • how to integrate it in the development process,
  • how to embed it in the organization, and
  • how to support it via a new breed of tools.

The course is interactive and it is dedicated both to managers and engineers. Why both? Because the problem is both economical and technical. Managers have to understand the technical challenges that consume the budget silently. And engineers have to understand the economics involved in assessment.

To register, please contact me directly.

Posted by Tudor Girba at 10 December 2012, 8:41 am link