Lam Research evaluates Pharo

We are very happy to make the following announcement:

Lam Research, a leading supplier of wafer fabrication equipment and services to the global semiconductor industry, is an experienced user of the Smalltalk programming language. Smalltalk is a key component in Lam’s software control system for a broad range of the equipment it manufactures. Tudor Girba is a leading member of the tools and environment development effort in Pharo, having architected the Glamorous Toolkit for live programming. Eliot Miranda is author of the Cog virtual machine that underlies Pharo and other Smalltalk dialects.

Lam has engaged Tudor and Eliot to explore potential enhancements in Lam’s use of Smalltalk. These enhancements range from running highly optimized Smalltalk on low cost, single board computers, to enhancing Lam’s Smalltalk development practices with state-of-the-art live programming. During the engagement, Tudor and Eliot successfully moved a key communication component of the control system to Pharo. It was a challenging task aimed at extending the reach of Lam’s system to the Pharo world including the option of executing on ARM processors.

Tudor Girba, Eliot Miranda and Chris Thorgrimsson

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Talk about the Glamorous Toolkit at ESUG 2016

On Monday, August 22, I will give a talk about the Glamorous Toolkit at ESUG 2016.

The Glamorous Toolkit project aims to reinvent the IDE. Over the last two years the Glamorous Toolkit team has produced four significant tools that are part of Pharo: Playground, Inspector, Spotter, Debugger. In this demo-driven talk I exemplify how these tools can change the development workflow, and I sketch the broader perspective and outlook of the project.

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Steering agile architecture course at Workshop Tage, Rapperswil on September 13

On September 13, I will give a 1-day course on Steering Agile Architecture. The course will be held at the Workshop Tage event organized by /ch/open.

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Moose 6.0

We are happy to announce version 6.0 of the Moose Suite, the platform for software and data analysis built in Pharo:



The key highlights are:

  • It is based on Pharo 5.0 including the latest version of the Glamorous Toolkit.
  • It includes the SmaCC parsing framework together with parsers and abstract syntax trees for Java, JavaScript and Swift.
  • Roassal2 comes with several enhancements.
  • Famix features a new and generic query API engine.
  • Moose Finder and GTInspector come with more custom presentations and visualizations.
  • SmaCC comes with a dedicated debugger.
  • The debuggers for Glamour, PetitParser and Announcements received a new update.
  • DeepTraverser is an order of magnitude faster.

Extra highlights:


The Moose Suite 6.0 comes for each platform as a separate bundle:

The Moose Suite 6.0 can also be loaded in a Pharo 5.0 image either from the Configuration Browser, or by executing the following script:

Metacello new
smalltalkhubUser: 'Moose' project: 'Moose';
configuration: 'Moose';
version: #stable;

The Moose team

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Steering agile architecture course in Hamburg during July 7-8

During July 7-8 I will give a 2-day course on Steering agile architecture in Hamburg, Germany. The course is organized by

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