Steering agile arhitecture DigiComp event on February 11

On February 11 I will give a talk at a DigiComp event on Steering agile architecture.

This is a free event organized as a preamble to a series of courses on Steering agile architecture organized throughout the German-speaking side of Switzerland in partnership with DigiComp starting with March.

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Speaking at OOP 2016

In February, I will have the pleasure of giving two sessions at OOP 2016:

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Speaking at ArchConf 2015

During December 7-10, I will be at ArchConf where I will have the pleasure of giving four 90-minute sessions on:

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Keynote on Software Environmentalism at EvoLille 2015

On December 2, I will give a keynote at the Software Evolution @ Lille event. This is a research-oriented event bringing together three different workshops around the topic of software evolution.

This keynote will be an evolved version of the one I previously held at ECOOP 2014 and will be placed within the context of software evolution research.

Software evolution was laid out as a field several decades ago. I still remember that in my very first workshop I got to meet Meir Lehman, the parent of this field who together with László Bélády coined the now famous laws of software evolution. While I think great things came from this field, I believe we now need a different perspective. In a way, the field of software evolution tends to take a stand similar to ecology: it studies the phenomenon without influencing it much, or not at all. However, the rate and the way in which software gets developed, requires us to take a stand and actively influence the actual course of our future. Hence, the need for software environmentalism.

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Steering agile architecture talk at Agile Breakfast Bern (November 25)

On November 25 I will have the pleasure of giving a session from my Steering agile architecture series at the Agile Breakfast Bern. We’ll be talking about how to test architecture and how to get a team of people produce a cohesive result.

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