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Speakerconf 2012

My speakerconf presentation was worse than bad (27% satisfaction rate). As a reminder, here are the slides I used:

Now, I would like to learn from it. There are two reasons why I want that:

  1. I love presenting.
  2. The topic is important for me. I believe in it and I think others should get to believe in it, too.

As a speakerconf participant, you can help. Please leave a comment that would describe why it was bad for you, and what you think could be different. Feel free to keep it anonymous (just enter gibberish in the author and website fields).

The page is public, but you are the only ones that received the link. Please keep in mind that I will likely blog about this experience and possibly quote some of the comments anonymously (unless you specify it explicitly that you want to be quoted by name).


Posted by Tudor Girba at 15 August 2012, 11:02 pm comment link