Molding objects with moldable tools. Live with Pharo

Pharo ( is a live, Smalltalk-inspired programming language and environment. Think pure and deeply reflective objects combined with an IDE available at runtime and a kind of a persistent memory. It’s live, it’s fun and it’s serious at the same time.

Pharo offers a unique combination of concepts that enables the creation of new tools and hence new kinds of development. In this session we focus on the Glamorous Toolkit (, the new IDE of Pharo. The Glamorous Toolkit offers tools, such as an inspector, debugger or a search interface, that are highly moldable in that they can be customized to various contexts. For example: every object can offer multiple ways of being represented, every object can specify how it wants to be searched, and every library can define a new debugger that can be switched to at runtime.

Moreover, these tools can be customized live with very little effort. The low moldability cost, and we often talk about minutes to adapt the tools, opens new ways to approach understanding code and runtime through live objects.

During the session we show live examples of how development in Pharo looks and feels like.