Flexible software analysis with Moose

Software systems are large and complicated. Various studies report as much as 50% of the overall development effort being invested in understanding them. To deal with the size of data we need automated analysis tools.

And tools do exist that deal with various concerns from idiom checkers to visualization tools. However, these tools tend to focus on generic and standard analyses. That is great when we have a standard question. However, it turns out that most of the time the problems surrounding software systems are not quite standard. In these situations, a standard analysis is of little use, regardless of how smart it is.

We need tailored tools that provide contextual answers. Moose is a flexible platform that was conceived exactly to ease the crafting of such tailored analysis tools. It offers multiple services ranging from importing and parsing data and source code, to modeling, measuring, querying, mining, and to building interactive and visual analysis tools.

In this talk we introduce Moose and we show live demos that exhibit several scenarios in which tailored analysis tools enable an agile assessment approach. The talk is best suited for technical people that are interested in retrieving the knowledge hidden in their software systems.

More information about Moose can be found at: