Visual hall

This page lists a couple of visualizations I (co-)produced. Most of the work is related to the Moose platform for software and data analysis.

Code change sunburst

I produced this visualization in 2014 as a way to show how changes in the repository affect modules.


System Attraction

I produced this visualization in 2013 as a way to communicate the complex nature of software evolution.


Annotation Constellation

I produced this visualization in 2010 to reveal the complexity introduced by various technologies via annotations. The labels show annotations (applicable to classes, methods or attributes), the small squares represent classes, and the lines connect annotations with the corresponding classes affected by annotations. The spring layout reveals islands of annotation and related classes.


System Complexity

System Complexity is a polymetric view created by Michele Lanza. I enhanced the original visualization by laying the hierarchies and the lonely classes in a more compact way.


Ownership map

Mauricio Seeberger, Adrian Kuhn and me created this visualization to reveal which authors changed which file at which point in time.


Distribution map

Adrian Kuhn, St├ęphane Ducasse and me built this visualization as a generic tool to relate two partitions of a set of entities.


Package hierarchy ownership map

The following map shows the distribution of authors inside the package hierarchy of a Java system.


Clone evolution view

Mihai Balint, Radu Marinescu and me created the following visualization as a tool to explore how multiple authors duplicate code.



Matthias Junker and me created the Kumpel visualization for offering developers a means to understand how files evolve. The visualization is highly interactive and it is inspired from the History Flow wiki visualization.

Multiplication Constellation

I created this visualization during a session with a developer to show the kinds of dependencies introduced by duplicated code. Each small square is a duplication, and each larger square is a class.