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  1. Mihai Balint, Tudor Gîrba, and Radu Marinescu. How Developers Copy. In Proceedings of International Conference on Program Comprehension (ICPC 2006), p. 56—65, 2006. DOI PDF 

    Copy-paste programming is dangerous as it may lead to hidden dependencies between different parts of the system. Modifying clones is not always straight forward, because we might not know all the places that need modification. This is even more of a problem when several developers need to know about how to change the clones. In this paper, we correlate the code clones with the time of the modification and with the developer that performed the modification to detect patterns of how developers copy from one another. We develop a visualization, named Clone Evolution View, to represent the evolution of the duplicated code. We show the relevance of our approach on several large case studies and we distill our experience in forms of interesting copy patterns.