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  1. Mihai Balint, Petru Florin Mihancea, Tudor Gîrba, and Radu Marinescu. NOREX: A Distributed Reengineering Environment. In Proceedings of International Conference on Software Maintenance (ICSM 2007), p. 523—524, IEEE Computer Society, September 2007. Tool demo. DOI PDF 

    Several reengineering environments have been created to provide for a unified infrastructure in which various approaches can be employed together. While the collaboration between tools is very strong within such environments, currently the inter-environmental collaboration is very weak and happens mainly at the level of data-files exchange. Consequently, the different groups of researchers are only collaborating shallowly via data, rather than at the level of analysis. In this demo, we present NOREX, a distributed reengineering environment that allows different groups of researchers to transparently use and combine existing techniques, and share their own, transcending any parochial barriers (e.g., implementation language or environment).