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  1. Adrian Lienhard, Stéphane Ducasse, and Tudor Gîrba. Taking an Object-Centric View on Dynamic Information with Object Flow Analysis. In Journal of Computer Languages, Systems and Structures 35(1) p. 63—79, 2009. DOI PDF 

    A large body of research analyzes the runtime execution of a system to extract abstract behavioral views. Those approaches primarily analyze control flow by tracing method execution events or they analyze object graphs of heap snapshots. However, they do not capture how objects are passed through the system at runtime. We refer to the exchange of objects as the object flow, and we claim that object flow is necessary to analyze if we are to understand the runtime of an object-oriented application. We propose and detail Object Flow Analysis, a novel dynamic analysis technique that takes this new information into account. To evaluate its usefulness, we present a visual approach that allows a developer to study classes and components in terms of how they exchange objects at runtime. We illustrate our approach on three case studies.