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  1. Oscar Nierstrasz, Marcus Denker, Tudor Gîrba, and Adrian Lienhard. Analyzing, Capturing and Taming Software Change. In Proceedings of the Workshop on Revival of Dynamic Languages (co-located with ECOOP'06), July 2006. PDF 

    Software systems need to continuously change to remain useful. Change appears in several forms and needs to be accommodated at different levels. We propose ChangeBoxes as a mechanism to encapsulate, manage, analyze and exploit changes to software systems. Our thesis is that only by making change explicit and manipulable can we enable the software developer to manage software change more effectively than is currently possible. Furthermore we argue that we need new insights into assessing the impact of changes and we need to provide new tools and techniques to manage them. We report on the results of some initial prototyping efforts, and we outline a series of research activities that we have started to explore the potential of ChangeBoxes.