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  1. Fabrizio Perin, Tudor Gîrba, and Oscar Nierstrasz. Recovery and Analysis of Transaction Scope from Scattered Information in Java Enterprise Applications. In Proceedings of International Conference on Software Maintenance 2010, September 2010. DOI PDF 

    Java Enterprise Applications (JEAs) are large systems that integrate multiple technologies and programming languages. Transactions in JEAs simplify the development of code that deals with failure recovery and multi-user coordination by guaranteeing atomicity of sets of operations. The heterogeneous nature of JEAs, however, can obfuscate conceptual errors in the application code, and in particular can hide incorrect declarations of transaction scope. In this paper we present a technique to expose and analyze the application transaction scope in JEAs by merging and analyzing information from multiple sources. We also present several novel visualizations that aid in the analysis of transaction scope by highlighting anomalies in the specification of transactions and violations of architectural constraints. We have validated our approach on two versions of a large commercial case study.