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  1. Stéphane Ducasse, Tudor Gîrba, and Adrian Kuhn. Distribution Map. In Proceedings of 22nd IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance (ICSM '06), p. 203—212, IEEE Computer Society, Los Alamitos CA, 2006. DOI PDF 

    Understanding large software systems is a challenging task, and to support it many approaches have been developed. Often, the result of these approaches categorize existing entities into new groups or associates them with mutually exclusive properties. In this paper we present the Distribution Map as a generic technique to visualize and analyze this type of result. Our technique is based on the notion of focus, which shows whether a property is well-encapsulated or cross-cutting, and the notion of spread, which shows whether the property is present in several parts of the system. We present a basic visualization and complement it with measurements that quantify focus and spread. To validate our technique we show evidence of applying it on the result sets of different analysis approaches. As a conclusion we propose that the Distribution Map technique should belong to any reverse engineering toolkit.